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Rosback 3-Knife Trimmers, Rebuilds all models

Scissor Blades are long lasting and self sharpening, each machine comes with new blades or 80% Life or better. All blades micrometered for wear. 

Feeders are made to run in PERFECT time with the Cycle and Production of the Rosback Trimmer.

Trim your Digitally Produced Booklets & Magazines

We rebuild these INDESTRUCTIBLE Rosback 3-Knife Trimmers and deliver you a unit that has been completely stripped, professionally painted and rebuilt with a Top Load Friction Feeder programmed to run 'in time' and 'in sync' with the motion of the Rosback. We develop these units specifically for the DIGITALLY Printed products that you are currently guillotine cutting ONE cut at a time.

INLINE with any Equipment

If you are in need of a 3-knife trimmer to run INLINE with your other machinery, we can also provide you with a machine that can do just that..... run in Perfect time. How about running INLINE with your digital printer? Many options are available.... JUST ASK, tell us your needs.

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