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About Us

Barnhart Equipment and engineering is a company that specializes in UNIQUE machinery for factory production, engineering firms, fullfillment centers, small business, mail houses, Commercial Printers...  we even engineer explosion proof fillers for chemical plants.


Brent A. Barnhart, has over 40 years experience in the trade and owned a large commercial printing company....

Barnhart Printing Corp. out of Ohio.

Brent A. Barnhart

As the former owner of a mid-sized commercial printshop, compromised of multiple Heidelberg color presses, advanced pre-press services and bindery, I KNOW the difficulties facing Lithographers today.


In the first two years in business, my abilities as an engineer and consultant has taken me to Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Japan and over 30 states in America. I am able to rig and install multi-color presses, prepare them for export and/or import and advise shop owners on smart equipment additions from the pre-press to the bindery into the mailroom.

My goal is to show you how to CUT BACK on labor costs, and produce your product in FASTER times using simple, but intelligent modifications to existing equipment, adding new equipment into the production flow or just making verbal suggestions as to how you can make much needed changes.

The biggest question I ask MYSELF whenever I am contracted to consult or build is:  "Would I pay that much money for his recommended modification or new machine? Does it makes sense? Is it worth the investment? What is the Return on Investment."

Most everything I do, you could CERTAINLY hire a local engineering firm to do. However EVERYTHING I do would be cost prohibitive is you went that route. The hourly costs would outweigh the benefit in our very competitive environment, AND they do not know our unique industry like I do.

Check out our custom line of equipment, and we do occasionally have equipment available that we have purchased used that is of exceptional quality. We DO NOT, make a living, flipping used equipment.

Our business is 90% made up of unique, custom machinery built to spec for clients, along with, a full line of equipment that we have engineered, and manufacture.

Pictured Above:


MBO mobile Pile Feeder, with inline Slitter Shafts for Scoring, Perfing, Slitting at High speeds. Machine comes with as many as 4 Slitter shafts or as few as 1 set of Shafts.


Many Options available including Rotary Matrix Scores, Batch Counters, Inkjet Heads for High Speed Numbering and/or Imprinting.


We Build these machines in MANY widths and sizes.


We are even able to feed and register a 6" x 28" Long sheet on its 6" axis along the ball or vacuum rail. Finishing options include Right Angles, Knife folders, conveyors of all Kinds.


ALSO you can use your feeder to automatically feed your OTHER equipment such as a Laminator. All service and parts for this machine, available from ANY of your local bindery technicians or MBO America.

This is just an example of a machine we make using all MBO engineering. It is cost effective, parts easy to find, and very effective. You have us make it like you want it.

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